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Major Projects Group has undertaken some of the largest Demolition Projects in the Southern Hemisphere including the Demolition of the BHP Newcastle Steel site - a two year contract that recycled 99% of the entire Mill including 106,000 ton of scrap steel process and delivered directly into Bluescope Steel's furnaces at Wollongong.

Our Services Include:

Mine Closure Consulting Services

Major Industrial Demolition

Marine Demolition

Bridge Demolition

Site Remediation

Asbestos Removal


Major Projects Group has over 40 years of history and experience in the demolition industry 

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Major Projects Foundation

Major Projects Group created the Major Projects Foundation to prevent environmental damage from fuel oil escaping from shipwrecks in the Pacific ocean. Our company provided the seed funding, initial expertise and logistics to establish the Major Projects Foundation. The Foundation supports research into, education about and conservation of our global marine heritage. Please visit the Major Projects Foundation website http://www.majorprojects.org.au for more information.